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A professional interdisciplinary organization dedicated to the understanding
and improvement of intercultural relations through world-class social science research
Established 1997

1998:  California State University at Fullerton. 

1999: Kent State University. Book of Abstracts

2001: University of Mississippi. Book of Abstracts

2004: Taiwan Normal University, Taipei. Book of Abstracts

2005: Kent State University. Book of Abstracts

2007: University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Book of Abstracts

2009: University of Hawaii, Manoa. Book of Abstracts

2011: Singapore. Book of Abstracts

2013: University of Nevada, Reno. Book of Abstracts

2015: University of Bergen, Norway. Book of Abstracts

2017: City University of New York, Staten Island. Book of Abstracts

2019: Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai, China. Book of Abstracts