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A professional interdisciplinary organization dedicated to the understanding
and improvement of intercultural relations through world-class social science research
Established 1997

Membership Plans

IAIR Student Member


 This membership is for Doctoral students who are either full-time students pursuing a graduate degree related to intercultural relations, OR part-time students who can submit a letter from their advisor that they are making satisfactory progress toward a degree.  They must be enrolled in an institution accredited by the appropriate agency. Students should also provide a letter from the professor who knows their work and can attest to their interest in this field of scholarship.



 Annual membership dues are USD 30.

IAIR Member


This membership is for researchers in intercultural relations who have attained the Ph.D or equivalent degree and are active in research in the field.  They would normally be working as an Assistant or Junior Associate Professor or Research Associate at a University or College.  Practitioners should have attained an equivalent level of accomplishment using research based applied work, and should have demonstrated a high degree of interest in research.  Members should demonstrate a commitment to the intercultural field through their education and/or work.

Annual membership dues are USD 90 for Members and USD 50 for retirees.