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The 2019 Shanghai Conference: Summary & Highlights

The 2019 IAIR-CAFIC Joint Conference was organized by members of both associations and hosted by the Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) Intercultural Institute (SII) (warm thanks to SII's small but incredibly capable team and the amazing group of cheerful SISU volunteers!).

This was the first IAIR conference held in collaboration with another association (the Chinese Association for Intercultural Communication, CAFIC). Via the registration portals of both organizations (IAIR 100+, CAFIC 140+ and additional local participation), it was an active conference with 280 registered participants from over 25 countries and regions!

Pre-conference activities on Saturday July 6 included meetings of the IAIR Executive Committee, the ad-hoc committee for IAIR By-laws revisions, both David Sam’s outgoing and Steve Kulich’s incoming IAIR Boards, and on Sunday July 7 (information is provided under the respective tabs the Fellows’ Day (attended by 20), the first-ever PhD workshop (attended by 35 with about half from abroad and half from China). Reports appear in the IAIR Newsletter Vol. 5 No. 1. Each of these helped lay important collaborative foundations for the conference that followed.

With the theme of Advancing Intercultural Research and Dialogue: Crossing Boundaries and Building Bridges, the conference was marked by the high quality of research reports, wide variety of topics and approaches, extensive international exchanges and in-depth intercultural interaction. The extensive 3-day Joint-Conference program (Monday-Wednesday, July 8-10) included 8 Keynotes, 26 themed symposium and workshop/panels, 26 parallel paper sessions (190 session papers), and 2 poster sessions involving 25 presenters, with an additional 5 honorary award presentations (for a total of 220 academic presentations in all)!

Even though those three days featured presentations in multiple theme tracks from morning until late afternoon, many noted that interest was high throughout, the rooms were filled, and each session’s audience was actively engaged. Participants also noted how the 2019 Shanghai at SISU conference brought diverse streams of intercultural research together across methodological, disciplinary, and national boundaries toward the further development of the intercultural research.

Please click on the accompanying tabs for downloads of conference program materials including video and photos, and other highlights from specific aspects of the 2019 conference in Shanghai.

The organizers express their gratitude to IAIR fellows, members, and leaders for the strong support shown for the Shanghai conference, the engaged interactions across cultures, the impetus that this landmark joint-conference brought for stimulating further development of the field in China, and for the ongoing collaborative links that are being built. We look forward to seeing you all and others again for the 12th biennial conference with Stefan Kammhuber in Zurich in 2021!

Sincerely, Steve Kulich for the SISU Intercultural Institute, and the SISU organizing team and boards of both associations

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Resources for Your Review of the 2019 Conference

The conference in Shanghai was both a momentous and memorable event (one of our larger conferences due to the linking up of IAIR with CAFIC and over 280 attending, and also one offering many presentation sessions in multiple parallel theme tracks). For recalling or reviewing aspects of the July 2019 conference, the organizers have prepared each of the following materials for your convenient viewing or download.

Whether you were there with us or not, we recommend you start by enjoying the short video capturing special moments of those full and eventful days together, then continue with the other academic or visual resources:

Video Memories of the Shanghai Conference

The Shanghai Conference Program

The Shanghai Conference Abstract Booklet

Conference Picture Links

                        (for most international locations)

                        (from within China)

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