2013 William B. Gudykunst Outstanding Book Award

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The William B. Gudykunst Outstanding Book Award was created in 2011 to recognize the best book in intercultural research written by a member of the Academy.  This award is given in memory of “Bill” Gudykunst, who was an outstanding leader and prolific author in the field of intercultural communication and a founding fellow of our organization.  The William B. Gudykunst Outstanding Book Award, 2013, goes to Dan Landis and Rosita Albert for their extraordinary achievement in editing the Handbook of Ethnic Conflict: International Perspectives.  

We members of the Selection Committee--Young Kim, Cookie Stephan, and David Sam—unanimously agree that, of the six books nominated, this Handbook of Ethnic Conflict is clearly the most worthy as the first recipient of this special award.  Dan and Rosita took on an intellectually ambitious project of presenting 20 original chapters, in which ethnic conflict is examined in varying historical, cultural, and sociopolitical contexts of 20 different countries or regions around the world.  The highly informative chapters offer population-specific insights, with which to examine and refine existing theories or to generate new ways of theorizing about the nature of interethnic conflict.  For this reason, we, committee members, applaud Dan Landis and Rosita Albert for a significant contribution they have made to a better understanding of intercultural relations, in general, and of ethnic conflict, in particular.